Construction for Change



Construction for Change empowers developing communities by building critical infrastructure that promotes education, healthcare and economic opportunity. We believe that by building infrastructure, we are building opportunity. From schools to medical facilities to community buildings that house vocational training, our network is dedicated to alleviating poverty in the world's most under-resourced areas. We partner with community-based NGO's to develop infrastructure and we recruit professional volunteers to manage these projects. These volunteers train and employ local workers and source local materials, allowing for significant investment in the regional economy. We provide pro bono design and comprehensive project management through our network of expert volunteers and Change Fellows. The resulting strong, sustainable, environmentally sound facilities help to break the cycle of poverty.


As a growing nonprofit, Construction for Change found themselves at a critical point in their lifecycle. Although their appeal to volunteers, board members and donors was strong, they found themselves struggling with how to best articulate WHO they were and WHAT they were trying to accomplish in a way that unified their team.  With small or non-existent marketing budgets and donors wanting more clarity on what the needs were, CfC needed to make sure every single person was reprsenting their mission and their business objectives in a uniform and consistent way.

Through a series of board level planning discussions, CoCertus led the Executive Director and her board through a robust team exercise that helped clarify the 'elevator pitch' of what and who CFC is and how they achieve their goals.  This work then enabled the fundraising arm of the team to better appeal to current and future donors and help prioritize their projects moving forward.

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